“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.” John Lubbock (1834-1913)




Change is constant in the art and business of photography, but the goal remains the same. Capture more than meets the eye; tell a story and communicate a feeling without words.

Things most usual through most unusual replicated in two dimensions built my professional reputation for capturing the emotive qualities of everything and everywhere. The focal object might be art, gardens, and living spaces; visual content for bank ad campaigns or colleges materials:  my collection of images is as varied as worldwide locations.

  American Museum of Ceramic Art  
    Americian Style  
    CCAA Museum of Art  
    California Bulb Company  
    Design Group Architects  
    GO Architects  
    Weeks Roses  
    Westeren Art & Architecture  
    Inland Empire Museum of Art  

Electronic Marketing:


For success, computer technology is as important this century as cars were to the last. It is not enough for a site to be simply locatable.  Successful websites are graphic intense and easily navigated. My expertise in compelling imagery enhances the probability that when my client’s site is discovered, visitors  want to stay and do business.

In 1995, I started developing websites. In 2007, electronic newsletters were added to the roster of services. Not much different in set-up costs from print newsletters, they have the advantage of no delivery costs and shelf life controllable by the client.

    Inland Temporary Homes  
    Inland Empire Museum of Art  
    Leslie Codina  
    Lydia Plunk  
    Svenson Arts  
    Greenwood Garden  
    Joanna Mersereau Art  
    Coiner Nursery  
    Greg Gilbert Art  



Client needs drove the decision to become a publisher. As most photographers are not as involved in the print process during production, many clients did not realize how my decades of observation bring an added benefit for their benefit. Published in 2001 by Dragonflyer Press, my book Garden Thoughts: Photographs, Quotes & Inspiration for the Gardener, was a course in traditional book publishing protocols. Maloof beyond 90: an American Woodworker expanded my knowledge base as I entered the extraordinarily intricate world of custom limited edition art books.

Having been both published and publisher exposed me the limitation of what is available in the market. Contact me. Learn how my experience and expertise adds value to your advertising or editorial budget.

  Maloof Beyond 90:
An American Woodworker

The Art of Milford Zornes:
From Private Collections

    The Art of Milford Zornes:
Friendships & Inspirations
    Artistic Thoughts:
Photographs, Quotes & Inspiration
    Maloof at 90:
An American Woodworker

Fine Art Copy Photography & Giclee Printing:


An accurate reproduction of your original work of art is a top priority for an artist. Whether your goal is an online portfolio, press-ready digital files, or fine art printing, I understand the unique challenges of fine art copy work and strive for the highest quality.

Giclee is a sophisticated inkjet printing method. It merges the use of professional grade printers with archival pigment inks, acid free papers.

  Joanna Mersereau   The Forest has Eyes
    Greg Gilbert  
    Inland Empire Museum of Art  
    Syliva Megerdician  
    The Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation for Arts & Crafts  
    Matthew Farris Photographer  
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