Fine Art Copy Photography
An accurate reproduction of your original work of art is a top priority for an artist. Whether your goal is an online portfolio, press-ready digital files, or fine art printing, we understand the unique challenges of fine art copy work and strive for the highest quality. From flat artwork and photographs to large-format paintings and fine art, we enjoy helping our Clients to present their work at its best.  We can produce 16-bit digital files of up to 70 megabytes direct from your flat artwork. Lighting is color balanced and the final digital capture is carefully corrected to match your original.
Giclee Printing
Giclee is a sophisticated inkjet printing method. It merges the use of professional grade printers with archival pigment inks, acid free papers. By using custom profiles, precise color correction and expert photography, pigment printing can render subtle gradations and many colors that would be out of range with other technologies
Joanna Mersereau


"Until recently, I had to be satisfied with the giclee prints of my work if they came fairly close to my originals. Now I am not only delighted, but totally satisfied with the prints made by Gene Sasse.  The giclees are so like the originals that I cannot tell the difference other than in size. I recommend Gene Sasse with five stars for excellence in fine art printing."

Joanna Mersereau, A.W.S.

Matthew Farris


I have been working on this current show "Koi" for about 3 years. Until I started working with Gene Sasse for my custom fine art printing I was unable to get the expressive quality that I was looking for in my gallery prints. It's good to find a true professional with the sensitivity, expertise, and personal touch Gene Sasse brings to these endeavors.

Matthew Farris, Photographer


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