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Making a filmmaker: how 13 pros got their start


Michael DeFilippo: "There's a difference between seeing and really noticing"


Marc Yankus: "I like the quiet city"


Nick Laham: "I wanted to cover him in a way that was a little different"


Robert Trachtenberg: "It came down to a group of guys not taking themselves too seriously"


Arthur Grace: "Who knows why two people hit it off?"

Chester Higgins, Jr.: "I believe the spirit of things exists in everything"

Eric Ogden: "I wasn't showing my personal vision. After that, I tried to re-route things"

Jim Reed: "The discussion has definitely increased about climate change"

Ali Smith: "When I'm telling women's stories, I'm the happiest"

Macduff Everton: "The Yucatan has shaped my life"


Lou Jones: "I don't actually call them poems"

 Ben Franke: "With parkour, the whole city becomes your playground"

Emily Shur: "I'm not a fan of beating people over the head with joke"


Graham MacIndoe: "My life had just gone down the drain, but I still had this compulsion to make this imagery"


Kristofer Dan-Bergman: "My projects are about time and space"


David Butow: "I wanted to look at something more positive"


Paula Bronstein: "The world would rather forget Afghanistan"


Arthur Drooker: "All conventions satisfy a basic human urge: the longing for belonging."


 Michael Turek: "I don't shoot film out of some romantic notion"


Daniel Kramer: "It was a such a special season, and I was so lucky to photograph it"


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