Most people perceive photography to be reality, when in fact it's a photographer's interpretation of reality.

I want to show viewers ways of seeing the world that expand or challenge their perceptions and to share the life, excitement and the abstract that exists in this world.

I'm a photographer, author and teacher located in southern California but my client base is not limited to this area.

My photography emphasis is on location photography whether it's gardens, living spaces, ad campaigns for banks or collateral material for colleges. My work is as varied as its locations.


There is nothing more fulfilling than to give. If it weren’t so needed, volunteering could be a selfish act. Whatever we have- time, money, or talent- if we volunteer it, we gain in character.

If we wait for the government to help others we lose the goodness which comes from personal connection and from doing the right thing.


1334 north benson avenue, unit d
upland, california 91786
909-941-3993 | gene@genesasse.com

"Life obliges us to do something, so I photograph"
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